Love is the key to happiness

A couple days after being engaged, while looking at pictures from the proposal, my mom pointed out that I was wearing my key necklace.

My sister & I both have this necklace from Christmas a couple years ago. It became special as symbolism was made through the gift of this necklace. 

I started joking around and making comments to Brent about how he has the key to my heart (although he really does). It somehow led to interesting conversations about the purpose & symbolism of a key and how it applies to our relationship & future marriage. It became special to me that I was wearing that necklace on the day he proposed.

This is how the “key” theme came about. We realize this theme has been used before, most likely many times before, but we don’t mind – it still holds unique & personal meaning for us.

It's been intriguing learning more about what the key represents for us. I've had a lot of fun thinking of ideas on how to tie it into the wedding in subtle, yet noticeable ways.

I love how these tags turned out for wedding packages
we put together for Brent's niece & nephews and my little cousins.

A big thank you to my mom & Francee Stevenson for helping us get creative and put more thought into the meaning of the key.

They helped us design, create & assemble the invitations.
Of course as the girl & bride, I got more into this than Brent!
But he still gave a few simple opinions about it.
When he saw the finished product, he said:
“Wow Jay, I wouldn’t change a thing - looks GREAT.”

Here is a picture showing part of the invitation & how we incooperated the key.